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Real world objects vs digital objects

Before the digital revolution, humans were only able to use non-digital objects; a paper to write down ideas, books and folders or book racks to store them.

In today’s technological world we utilize the same objects, but also their digital equivalents; we are able to write a digital document and store it  a digital folder, and even have it accessible worldwide, something impossible with real world documents or folders.

real and digital world interaction

The discipline of software engineering allows us to model the real world in code and optimize it for human’s benefit.

Shops back then were only able to be advertised with the word of mouth and through leaflets, now they have a digital presence and humans can find them through a browser   which with the touch of a few words can help you find what you are after. Now we don’t even have to physically go to the shop to buy since it can be bought online and be at the doorstep the following day.

Being able to understand this digital world, help people understand it  and improve it is a gift. Helping people’s ideas to become real, results through the use of code. No matter what programming language is used, the underlying idea is to be able to create something out of nearly nothing.